Service, Maintenance & Spares
Now that you have invested in the world’s best commercial kitchen equipment you need the assurance that it is installed, serviced and maintained by Cairns’ most trusted name in all aspects of commercial kitchen and catering

Justlec Services Pty Ltd is our after-sales trading arm of Cairns’ very own FNQCE and has been providing a uniquely professional service to all facets of the North’s food, catering, hospitality industries since 2005.

With our vast experiences from within the commercial kitchen and catering markets, we have the experience to advise customers, which in the long term, will increase each business’s profitability.

When you select from the world’s best you are well on the way to running a successful commercial kitchen which, thanks to our professional operation will be installed in a fully functional manner. We understand fully the need to have it exactly where it belongs, and it won’t let you down.

Justlec appreciates that machinery down time is very detrimental to the successful operation of any commercial kitchen so we have the knowledge and experience to service, maintain and supply spare parts for all other commercial kitchen equipment.

Scheduled maintenance

Just like your car needs servicing, your kitchen equipment does too.

(As an authorized service agent for most of the leading Brands in Commercial Catering Equipment we can service and Source spare parts for any off this equipment)

A Justlec scheduled maintenance service helps prevent costly breakdowns and provides peace of mind that your business will operate smoothly. Maintenance can be performed on any machine, including: ovens, dishwashers, coffee machines, fryers, grills, range hoods and almost all other appliances.

Justlec will take the time to create a maintenance schedule for each piece of equipment.

At Justlec Services, our experienced and professional team thrive on providing quality work and prompt service. We have an exceptional working attitude and will always meet your expectations no matter what brand of commercial kitchen equipment you have.

We are your number 1 supply and service agent in the Cairns region and we have the required expertise to ensure it works for you with the identical care, attention to detail and ensuring any machine remains at its peak operating efficiency.


Let us keep your kitchen in running order so you can concentrate on running your business
Fast, Reliable and professional service

Brands that Justlec Services can repair and supply parts:
Amana | Blue Seal | Brunner | Anliker | Tournus Equipment | Adventys | Salvis | Bonn | Brice | Cleveland | Convotherm Electrolux | Eswood | Fagor | Flexichef | Frymaster | Garland | Goldstein | Goldstein | Eswood | Henny | Penny | Hobart | Houno | Lincoln | Marshall | Melitta | Menumaster | Middleby MKN | Moffat |Norris | Rational | Roband | Robot | Coupe | Sammic | Taylor | Turbochef |Unox | Vision | Vitamix | Waldorf | Washtech | Winterhalter | Zanussi | Kisag

Brands that Far North Queensland Catering Equipment (FNQCE) sell:
Brunner | Anliker | Tournus Equipment | Adventys | Salvis | Eswood | Flexichef | Goldstein | Eswood | Hobart | Melitta | MKN | Kisag


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