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Far North Queensland Catering Equipment (FNQCE) are the leading supplier of premium European commercial kitchen equipment to all boutique restaurants, resorts, entertainment venues and cafes throughout our northern region.

There is no reason not to have the world’s best appliances in your commercial kitchen.

Our selections of hi-end European products are available with the utmost confidence and in some cases, backed up with an amazing 3-year warranty, which makes economic sense.

FNQCE are your locally based business partner that work closely with our major suppliers, such as; Phoeniks, Hobart and Melitta to offer real solutions to suit the endless variety of applications and situations for any size commercial kitchen.

Value adding to our highly specialised service to you is the fact that we will only recommend equipment to suit your needs as we feel this is paramount in making your commercial kitchen a profitable success.

At FNQCE you choose quality and efficiency thanks to MKN.

We will help you with your selection of all the right products to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your staff, leading to a happier work environment and in turn, happier customers.

Take for an example the amazing European MKN Combi Oven. This range of innovative ovens will give you real cutting-edge technology facilitating ease of use, superior results and a reduction in energy consumption. MKN Combi Ovens sets new standards in the Cairns’ commercial kitchens and has an unprecedented 3-year parts and labour warranty.

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FNQCE also specialises in the small kitchen appliances of the finest European quality to keep your output flowing smoothly thanks to the Kisag range of stick blenders.

In North Queensland or in Switzerland there is a need to prepare and blend ingredients using Kisag Stick Blenders. When you demand the finest quality the name Kisag is famous and it is no surprise that this name is forging its identity all over the globe as a well-known and respected brand.

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The FNQCE high quality small appliance expose’ continues with the amazing Brunner Anliker range of vegetable peelers developed in Switzerland and serving our north.

As an example, consider the GSM 5. This versatile unit, like all other Brunner appliances are designed and manufactured in Switzerland and thanks to FNQCE are available right here in Cairns, Far North Queensland.

Designed for up to 300 meals per day this commercial slicer enables you to cut all types of vegetables in all different sizes and shapes. Brunner's commercial vegetable slicers are renowned for quality, reliability and longevity.

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The FNQCE range of Vitesse Salamanders are the perfect accompaniment to any commercial kitchen in Cairns.

Salvis, available locally in Cairns is a quality brand for restaurants, clubs and cafes and meets the highest standards and demands of your customers.

We recommend the innovation and the high quality of Salvis Vitesse who remain the choice of leaders in the Cairns food and catering industry.

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FNQCE appreciates that every commercial kitchen in Cairns needs a quality ware wash system that won’t let them down. Our Hobart range meets all of Cairns’ requirements.

At FNQCE we recommend the Hobart brand of hi-end dish and glass washing technologies, in fact this leading brand is a globally recognised name for the best dish and glass ware washing systems in the world. The Hobart brand is now available to all discerning boutique restaurant and café owners.

HOBART sets a new, even higher standard for ware washing performance. Designed for any commercial kitchen, all models feature the revolutionary INTENSIVE wash and ACCURINSE rinse systems to deliver outstanding results but with the lowest water, energy and detergent consumptions.

All our team at FNQCE can confirm that the Hobart ware wash systems remain the most power efficient, the fastest and the most economical hood machines on the market!

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Thanks to Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions your restaurant or café guest will enjoy the very spirit of goodwill whilst enjoying the finest coffees in Cairns.

Our professional team at FNQCE appreciate that coffee connects people, experiences and the entire globe.

We are the North Queensland supplier in this premium product segment.

Now, as a Cairns and North Queensland hotel, restaurant, bistro or café you have available the finest equipment in this globally recognised market.

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Brands that Far North Queensland Catering Equipment (FNQCE) sell:
Brunner | Anliker | Tournus Equipment | Adventys | Salvis | Eswood | Flexichef | Goldstein | Eswood | Hobart | Melitta | MKN | Kisag


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