Who We are
When you require the best equipment for your commercial kitchen, when you need a thorough repair, maintenance and replacement part service to maintain your productivity and when you need a professional team who will always be there to help then you need FNQCE and Justlec Services based in Cairns and a locally owned operation.

FNQCE and Justlec Services Pty Ltd is locally owned and operated by Jeff Ryan and his efficient team. We have established this operation in Cairns during 2005 to supply, service and maintain all your commercial kitchen requirements. Over those years we have established ourselves as Cairns’ only reliable operator, one who’s available to assist with the correct equipment, correct service, a thorough maintenance regime and one who can supply the correct spare part, quickly and efficiently.

Appreciating fully that all commercial kitchens are unique we ensure that when stocking, renovating and up-grading is required we will endorse whole heartedly the use of the best, globally recognised equipment and then provide a service regime to keep your profits flowing smoothly.

We work with you every step of the way ensuring that the equipment matches your needs, in fact we ensure your total satisfaction as our advice will be tailored to your requirements… not a bulk order salesman’s needs.
All our equipment can be maintained, serviced and parts supplied as necessary and locally.

Justlec Services’ division and Far North Queensland Catering Equipment (FNQCE) remain Cairns’ only one stop, turn key operation providing innovative kitchen solutions to our Far North Queensland region. Our team thrives on the provision of only quality workmanship along with a prompt and efficient service. We have an exceptional working attitude and will always meet your expectations.


Let us keep your kitchen in running order so you can concentrate on running your business
Fast, Reliable and professional service

Brands that Justlec Services can repair and supply parts:
Amana | Blue Seal | Brunner | Anliker | Tournus Equipment | Adventys | Salvis | Bonn | Brice | Cleveland | Convotherm Electrolux | Eswood | Fagor | Flexichef | Frymaster | Garland | Goldstein | Goldstein | Eswood | Henny | Penny | Hobart | Houno | Lincoln | Marshall | Melitta | Menumaster | Middleby MKN | Moffat |Norris | Rational | Roband | Robot | Coupe | Sammic | Taylor | Turbochef |Unox | Vision | Vitamix | Waldorf | Washtech | Winterhalter | Zanussi | Kisag

Brands that Far North Queensland Catering Equipment (FNQCE) sell:
Brunner | Anliker | Tournus Equipment | Adventys | Salvis | Eswood | Flexichef | Goldstein | Eswood | Hobart | Melitta | MKN | Kisag


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